Black Basalt Beach

This morning, after having spent most of the past 4 days in this thing called Real Life…, I felt like some old fashioned exploring and went to see a new location: Black Basalt Beach. It is the home of Rosy Highwater, who designed and landscaped this beautiful place with some help from Jac Mornington, the owner of the popular Baja Norte (Salt Water) sim.

Black Basalt Beach does have some of the elements you find in Baja Norte and it is a beach, although this is different! For one the black rocks! There are so many nice views and spots to discover: woodlands on top of the rocks, waterfalls, bridges and some very pretty buildings.

For the pictures in this blogpost I only used the region windlight setting and did not play with other windlights at all, just because I really love the atmosphere with the region one. I am sure this place will become popular as this is a paradise for photographers and those who enjoy elegant landscaping!

black basalt_001black basalt_002black basalt_003black basalt_004


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  1. Becky says:

    Lovely photos of a beautifully peaceful setting. I’ve been spending more and more time both at Baja and Basalt. They’re absolutely perfect for experiencing summer in SL, into the wee hours after the sun has gone down in RL :)

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