The winner of the SL10B photocontest, Goizane, has created quite a lovely place on the homestead she has won and opened it to the public for all to enjoy, called Bitacora.

It has a bit of everything: secluded beaches, woods on top of the red rocks, panoramic views and a market square to name a few. Plenty of nice spots and opportunities to take pretty pictures!

I was there this morning and since it is featured in the Destination Guide, it was packed with people, so you may want to check the worldmap first before you TP there to avoid what happened to me: landing on a pile of avatars who are too slow or ignorant to step away after landing…gah!

Anyway, don’t let that keep you from visiting and exploring :), I think it is lovely that Goizane has created a place for all residents to visit and use with her prize-sim.
I know Isabelli Anatine is the runner up and has won a homestead for 4 months, on which she is currently building a new Kittens Heaven, so there is another new place coming soon!

For now, enjoy Bitacora!



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