The Return of Kittens Heaven

When Isabelli Anatine submitted a picture to the SL10B photocontest, she promised that if she would win one of the prizes (homestead sims, tierfree for some months), she would create a new Kittens Heaven, for all to enjoy.

Well, she kept her promise! She won the second prize, a homestead for 2 months!  After hard work, landscaping and decorating, a new Kittens Heaven will be officially opened to the public on 22nd August, with a party starting at 7PM SLT and…. some surprises!

Isabelli kindly invited me for a sneak preview this weekend, very much appreciated!, and I can say: it is a gorgeous place for chilling, hanging out in the Kittens Heaven Café (which has a wonderful view over the meadows and sea), and this Kittens Heaven also has beaches with waterfalls. All in all a photogenic location, which will also be the home to Isa’s pose-store ‘Uncertain Smile’. Oh and yes, there are lots of cats and kittens too.

Keep an eye on her feed and/or plurk, I am sure she will announce the official opening and you don’t want to miss it!

KittensHeaven_001 KittensHeaven_002 KittensHeaven_003 KittensHeaven_004

And since I am such a poser..I could not resist playing the rock-star on the event-stage. In an outfit by Gizza (Rococo Fiori) and hair by EMO-Tions – Nadine in Fire (new).



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