Online Games

The other day, when I was looking for so-called ‘non nature’ sims I found The Flowout, about which I blogged, but I also ran into a sim called ‘Online Games’. I confess I am a lousy ‘gamer’. I cannot play sophisticated games as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed and such, simply because I cannot keep up with the movements. It’s a miracle I was a pretty good Katana Fighter in SL, for some reason I managed to press the WASDEC keys in the desired order fast enough to kill people!
For the rest…I will have to stick with Mahjong and Tetris as it comes to ‘gaming’, both of which I actually enjoy when I am tired or need to sit and think about life and such and just want to click stuff.

Anyway! Online Games is an urban sim, streets with nice buildings and looks pretty as a background for photoshoots! The ‘gaming’ part consists of a corner with some SL games as Zyngo and other puzzling games I never understood and here and there you will find a machine or a table with cards to play something. I am really showing my gaming-ignorance here eh?

OnlineGames_001 OnlineGames_002 OnlineGames_003

My explorer outfit for today is mix of styles: the sequined flapper dress by The Secret Store (Collabor88), the new liquid mesh Regency boots in cream by Bax Coen and my hair is from EMO*tions – Sydney in lightblonde:



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