Quai Blues

My Monday was kind of RL-busy, mostly with exciting jobs as laundry, cleaning the windows and mopping the floors. Oh yeah, the fun never ends eh!

But, as always, I also managed to spend some time in SL and went  to visit a cute small place called Quai Blues. It is a quarter of a sim, and mainly a town-square of some sort, but if you take the time and have patience to look around…you will find some sweet details – a bit hidden maybe but that’s all part of exploring!

Quai_Blues_001 Quai_Blues_002

On the town square is a café and a candy-shop, and in front of the candy-shop I discovered 3 little Cacha Machines. I could not figure out what they were selling but I gave it a try (for 20 LS, what could go wrong?) and got a mysterious ‘Block Stack set’ by Second Spaces delivered…..Hm!
At home I rezzed it and to my delight it turned out to be a decorative Djenga-game (well that is how it is called in Holland) and I think it looks rather cute on my kitchen table! Win!



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