Bogon Flux

Bogon Flux, created by on the LEA20 sim by Blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli, is a huge steampunk structure – floating in the air, made by scrap metal and it is overwhelming! It has been covered on many blogs and lots of photo’s of it can be found on Flickr, and rightly so, it is very well worth a visit and if you have not seen it yet…you should go there!

The eye-catcher is of course the main installation in the middle, but if you take some time to look around you will find many, funny, details as well.

Bogon Flux Bogon Flux_001 Bogon Flux_002

For my exploring trip today I was wearing the new Burlesque Corset in Cream by Gizza Creations, just because I felt like running around in a corset. Although it is not made in standard sizes, the Gizza ‘size 2’ fits me perfect (they have a demo available!). My hair is from Truth, Lyma in Blonde.

Bogon Flux_003


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