Wendigo Lake

Wendigo Lake, which I found via the amazing Flickr pictures of Nelson Vannagan and Charlie Namiboo, is a new (adult) RP sim. It will, according to the landinformation, open soon for the roleplay, describes as: ‘Dark roleplay for intelligent adults featuring subtle supernatural elements in an immersive setting. Paragraph style adult role play’.
(opening soon, for information contact Jon Vetinari)

For now it is open to all and you can visit it without being afraid to bother roleplayers in action and have a look around. And you should! It is a city, on a lake (heh) and beautifully set up. There is even a little china-town!

I really enjoyed walking around and admiring the buildings and details!

Wendigo_lake_001 Wendigo_lake_002 Wendigo_lake_003

Since there is no active role play yet and thus no rules regarding outfits/looks yet..I was wearing some bright colours. A top and pants from Ricielli, hand-jewellry by Mandala and Truth Hair:



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jon Vetinari says:

    Thanks for visiting, Cait. Amazing photos. You can come wear bright colors here anytime you want.

    1. Thanks Jon, you have an amazing sim!

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