Hey Little Girl

‘Hey, little girl
where will you hide
who can you run to now
Hey, little girl
where will you go
who can you turn to now’

The past couple of days I have been busy running around in RL. From a lovely lunch with an old friend, to ‘repairing’ the laptop and more important ‘repairing THE Internet on my Dad’s laptop – as he was panicked ‘they’ changed the internet again!!! (meaning he clicked some advertisement and it changed his usual startpage on his browser to something else, get your tinfoil hats ready ppl…’they’ change the internets constantly!) to some mandatory and extremely stressfull workrelated meetings. So, I have not been able to explore a lot, nor was I in the mood.
The magic cable I use in my car to plug in my iPod got broken so I was kinda forced to listen to the radio and I was pleasantly surprised that the channel that I have programmed (yup, only one as I never bothered to figure out how the radio thingy in my car works..ahem, I usually just plug in my iPod or..have nothing! while driving) is busy with the top 888 of the 80’s. Oooh, all the memories that passed by…..the eighties….sigh.

One of the songs I listened to tonight, when driving home from kick boxing training, was one I almost forgot (shame on me!)  and it brought back so many memories. Good and bad ones. Icehouse with ‘Hey Little Girl’. The Sigh. I must have the vinyl version somewhere in storage. Not of any use anymore, but ..nostalgia, school parties, first kiss and all that….sigh…again…and …sigh.


‘So why should I care
if somebody let you down
that’s nothing new
I know just what that can mean
well, the way that they talk
the talk is all over town
and its no surprise
little girls hurt sometimes’


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Prisilla says:

    Another enjoyable post Cait :)

  2. Lola Mielle says:

    I really love your photos :D

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