Today was exhausting, in RL that is. I had to attend two meetings – both over 3 hours! – and I suffered a nasty ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Seriously. Why. PowerPoint. After slide #67 all I saw was rainbows and glitter and all I heard was GARWHABL GARWHABL….

Anyway, I kind of survived. Treated myself on TWO sausage-rolls on the way back, because I just needed comfort food. Well I suppose that is how it is called, usually when stressed I cannot eat at all, but today I needed fat and bad snacks. So I did. While driving. Haha! And when I got home all I wanted was going online and look at pretty things!

I went to North. North is a simple, but ever so lovely, nature sim. It has a touch of Autumn already, but what I love most is the impressive bridge that is made with Mangrove trees. Oh and I adore the quiet beach with the rocks in the water. Just a pretty place, no hassle, no complicated stuff. Just: pretty and lovely and soothing!

North_002kopie North_003 North_004


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