Alurian Haven

Alurian Haven is one of two sims (the other,  Alurel is a residential full sim)  and is a lovely park/forest where all are welcome. It has a touch of magic here and there, sunbeams (or moon, depending in what windlight you live…) and it is filled with butterflies, colourful fantasy trees and flowers, meandering streams and for those who are into some romance there are intan couple dances available. As much as I like the ‘realistic’ landscaping and decorations in other places, I can enjoy a bit of fantasy and magic at times as a well, after all…this is Second Life!  Alurian Haven is a very sweet place for photoshoots or just to relax and chill!

Alurian Haven_001 Alurian Haven_002 Alurian Haven_003


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  1. dstorymoon says:

    Such beautiful photos Caity! xx

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