I’m your Boogieman!

Although I never have a problem in getting up early, no matter if I have slept a lot or just a couple of hours, I have a great alarm-clock. Usually I am awake before it really starts, but it is great anyway: I have the Philips Wake-Up Light – which simulates sunrise and best of all: I can dock my iPhone in it an have it play any song I want from iTunes to wake up with. Perfect!

Now, this morning I had a shocker…I must have been sleepy last night and accidentally programmed a song to wake up with that got me jumping out of bed, setting an Olympic Record: Rob Zombie’s Boogieman. LOL. Now I have this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Oh, and I could do with one coffee less to wake up…gah!


‘I’m your boogieman
That’s what I am
I’m here to do whatever I can
Be it early mornin’, late afternoon
Or at midnight, it’s never too soon’


‘To want to hold you
I want to hold you
I wanna give me all, all to you
And I want you, to completely understand
Just where I’m at, and where I am – oh yeah’

I am wearing the Steampunk Plague Mask from Material Squirrel (it comes with a menu to change textures and colours, male and female version), the jacket and pants are part of the Steampunk Outfit from La Petite Morte. I could only wear the mesh jacket and pants, as this is my mesh doll avatar, but it also comes with a clothinglayer t-shirt. Both these (mask and outfit) will be available at The Clockwork Spiral event which will open its doors today at Noon SLT! (see my blog on ACS for more pics!). The corset is from DOLL Coco and the hair from D!va.
I took these pics on the cemetry of ‘Fear The Fallen’, Elemental Kingdom (Adult), the poses are from Black Tulip.

(Note: due to the pose my doll was in, her elbows and a piece of thigh poked through the clothes, so I had to Photoshop the images a tiny bit. Then again, this outfit is of course not specifically created for the mesh doll, so this has nothing to do with the quality of the outfit – it fits great on my human avatar).


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