Always on the run

While I do have a lovely piece of mainland, and even got a house on it…due to my urge to explore Second Life and go to  all those cool places to blog about, I am hardly ever ‘at home’. In fact, the house is still not furnished, apart from the kitchen and kitchentable and the garden is still decorated as if it is mid-summer. Now the latter I am not going to change, I will keep it summer this year!

Always on the run - I

So I went to FaMeshed and bought a set of wonderful sofa’s and some baskets with extra pillows, from Trompe Loeil (with lots of options with colours for the seats and pillows/blankets!) and after wearing them first – sigh – I managed to put them in place in my one-room cottage (from Dutchie).
Now I need to think of some other decorations, maybe something on the wall…or perhaps I will  keep it nihilistic! After all, I can now sit on something softer than the wooden kitchenchair, while writing my blogposts.

Always on the run _IIFunny thing is, I really enjoy looking at other places and homes and alway think: Oooh…I want that too, the decorations, the stuff! But I never get to it. It is a lack of patience mostly and of course my lack of skills to place object in the right way. No, these sofa’s do not hover above the floor, I checked!

Now I will go find my pants again, wearing the pillow-basket made my leather leggings disappear, and will run off to another cool place: I have some exploring to do!

Always on the run _III

‘My mama said
Baby don’t ride that crazy horse
And my mama said
You must push with much force
And my mama said
Go get all that you’re after
And my mama said
That love’s all that matters

But I’m always on the run’


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