Rebeca Bashly’s Colour Key

Colour Key, by Rebeca Bashly, is a full sim art installation on LEA and I find it not easy to write something about it…..It is amazingly built, and I adore the windlight setting that is used for this immense structure – although a bit dark! There is not much information on the installation, which leaves it basically up to the visitor to interpret it and explore :). I like that, a lot!
So all I can say is that you should go and experience it for yourself, as my pictures are not doing the work real justice. I did not fiddle with the windlight and took pictures as I saw it (I only brightened up the third image in this post and the banner for my homepage, because those were really too dark) , as you can see (I hope!) the textures and atmosphere are wonderful!

Colour Key - I Colour Key - II Colour Key - III_1


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