Mulberry, The Abandoned

Yesterday, after trying out the various cool items I bought at Horrorfest…I was going through my LM’s to find a nice location for some pics to show off my new stuff. I have tons of LM’s, so this took a while. Then…I got an IM from Lou Mannock, owner and creator of Mulberry, The Abandoned, inviting me to see his new ‘Mulberry’. Apparently he remembered my blogpost from 2011, about Mulberry, a Halloween destination at the time!

I went to take a look and Mulberry, The Abandoned is really well built! It is an interactive game, one is supposed to solve the mystery on what happened in this now desolated town, filled with well…bodies and wrecks…. I even went to visit the creepy hospital, being thankful I was not in need of treatment!
I didn’t do the game, but just explored the scenes. Of course this is all set up to celebrate the Halloween season, but it could easily be an episode of Walking Dead, as I did not find any pumpkins or trick-or-treat. Mulberry, The Abandoned is open till 6 November.

Mulberry - I Mulberry - II Mulberry - III

Now, I do need to address something that caught my attention while visiting this. Yes, it is a great location for either the game and exploring, or (as in my case) making pictures. However, when I read the rules I got presented – yes, I always read rules when exploring! – one particular sentence in the overall normal and reasonable set of rules ‘bothered’ me, Bothered being maybe a bit too big word, but this is it:


Of course I am not a griefer, nor do I display bad manners, so this should not really affect me, but personally I find these kind of ‘threats’ almost griefing or harassment by itself and often ‘promises’ like this have kept me from blogging about a place in the past.
In this case, since I enjoyed this location (it is half a sim), and from past contacts considered Lou a reasonable guy,  I contacted him and asked if he could elaborate on the why of this.
He explained the sim (not only Lou’s parcel)  has been under severe and nasty attacks of griefers, to the point it was costing them money. The sim-owner, not Lou, therefore decided to put this in the sims rules and disclaimer.  I will say only this:  it did not keep me from visiting, or return visits, but I do not agree with this ‘method’ of warnings and threats. I really  sympathise with sim-owners and victims of griefer attacks and of course everyone has their own way to deal with that. And that is all I wanted to say about this, in case you go visit and think I should have mentioned it, this is not meant to judge, point fingers or say they are doing it wrong just because I would never do it this way.

Mulberry - IV

What am I wearing on the last pic?!
– Demonwitch Hood by Death Row Design @Horrorfest
– Red Queen Corset by DRBC @ Horrorfest (Cacha item)
– Spiked collar by Corvus


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  1. donmill says:

    Even in the best case scenario that an IP address can be obtained, the next best thing that the sim owner could do is to determine the ISP provider for that IP address, and that will be all.

    The lack of understanding of networking, in this case, is more appaling that the thread that has no merit.

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