{Noble} New England

It is always exciting to find out about a brand new, photogenic, location and when I saw pictures and blogs about {Noble} New England I felt this was a perfect place to explore on a rainy, chilly Sunday. Well, actually it is a great place to explore any day and in any season, but you know what I mean!

I am sure Noble New England will become popular with photographers, landscape- and decoration enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a lovely place to relax and get inspiration or just hang out and chill. There are beaches, forests (all in Autumn) and a cute playground for kids (with the loveliest cardboard castle I have ever seen, alas Caity was way too large to play in it, yes she clicked on it……).

Please check out the flickr-group for wonderful images by visitors and….read all about the coming photo-contest here!

Noble New England - I Noble New England - II Noble New England - III


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