Invisible People – by Rebeca Bashly

The brandnew art installation by Rebeca Bashly, called Invisible People, has been featured on many blogs and in Flickr already and that is not without reason! I always enjoy Rebeca’s work very much and could not wait to tp to ‘La Citta Perduta’ in which this work is displayed.

Invisible People is a story, presented by using camouflage body art and is about people you pass by on the streets everyday, without really noticing them (from the notecard that is provided at the landingpoint).
Rebeca has placed 21 sculptures in the town and the fun is to find them all by walking around. They are skillfully textured as to merge with the background, I was in awe when I discovered the first one!, and it may take some time fiddling with the camera angles to get the one right position to show the sculpture in full.
You can either just walk around and enjoy (the city itself is lovely too!) or play:….find all 21 sculptures and send pictures to Rebeca via SL, Flick or email to, and she will give you a sculpture as reward. I have not found all 21…yet, so I need to return!

Invisible People - I Invisible People - II Invisible People - IV

The other ones I found, and more to be found soon, will be uploaded on my Flickr!


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