Dawn of Radiance

‘The dawn has come
And the wine will run
And the song must be sung
And the flowers are melting
In the sun’

This is quoted from the land information of Dawn of Radiance, and of course they had me at ‘wine’ ! But without joking, Dawn of Radiance is a lovely sim, currently covered in snow for winter. It has many cute details and is landscaped in a way I love: when walking around through the forests and the mountains you will find something new around every corner – be it a decorated scene or an amazing view! Oh and there is a Windmill, which is always a plus!

A great place to explore, chill, hangout, spot wildlife and to simply enjoy!

Be sure to also check out the Flickr-group in which visitors can add pictures taken there, I will upload mine in there too – as I took more pictures than in this blogpost.

Dawn of Radiance - I Dawn of Radiance - II Dawn of Radiance - III


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