The Pines at Jacobs Pond

Sometimes it is just nice to spend some time on a sim that has no ‘action’ as it were, but just…virtual peace, quiet and nature. I often look for places like that, simply to look around, frame a nice view and stare a bit at my screen while having deep and meaningful thoughts. Well, or actually when I am on the phone with my sister who keeps babbling on and on.

Anyway! Today I discovered The Pines at Jacobs Pond. It is a sim with a pond and pines. Now, this may sound boring, but I love it! A perfect place to park yourself and play with windlights and shadows, or just …..enjoy looking at it. Jacob is part of a larger estate, residential, and this seems to be a ‘national park’ of some sort, where all are welcome.  More information about this estate you can find on their website.

When you have some time, just go and walk will do you good :).

Jacobs Pond - I Jacobs Pond - II Jacobs Pond - III Jacobs Pond - IV


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  1. Lil Lowey says:

    Lovely, lovely pictures, Caity. On behalf of the estate owner, the owner/builder of that sim, and myself, I’m glad you stopped by. :-)


    1. Aw, thanks Lil! And you are fast..I was just looking you up to send you the link…LOL! Glad you like the pics :))

  2. Lil Lowey says:

    P.s. if you’ll forgive the plug, you can read about the estate at .


    1. Wonderful! I added the link in the post as well :))

  3. So pretty! Thank you I was looking for a winter scene ♥

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the article. Thinks it was cool, an I hope everyone enjoys it for the holiday.

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