Roots and War – JadeYu Fhang

This morning I followed Ziki’s trail to Roots and War, an art installation by JadeYu Fhang, after I got intrigued by Ziki’s post and pictures. And also, I was in need of something without snow, ice and ‘ho ho ho!!’…

Roots and War is impressive and best seen in the regional windlight (verdigris), although I confess I played around with some other settings for my pictures in this blog. The two spheres are huge and the scenes when listening to the music on the stream are quite immersive, at least that was my experience. One sphere has scenes of war and death, the other one is desolated. I recommend a visit, it is something else!

Roots and War - I_001 Roots and War - II Roots and War - III Roots and War - IV


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