The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure!

First of all, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

If you are, like me, a bit lazy today…and have no real plans other than perhaps some more food (and drinks!), I can recommend a visit to The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure! I did it this morning, while waking up with hot chocolate and fresh croissants …and it is a wonderful place! On the landing point the sleigh is ready for you, just hop in, sit back and relax while it takes you through snowy forests, a frozen coast with Polar Bears and cute other wildlife as well..After the ride you are dropped on a market-square of some sort and you can continue exploring by foot :). There are nice spots to hang out, have a romantic dance or you can go iceskating (free skates available).

Also, I found it quite photogenic, so the place really has something for everyone.

North Pole Adventure - I North Pole Adventure - II North Pole Adventure - III


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