Premium Icebergs!

Who knew there are Icebergs for Premium Accounts in Second Life? Well, I guess lots of people knew, but  I did not. Shame on me!

In fact, it is not even about icebergs really, but I am talking about the ‘Magellan Scavenger Hunt’. Now, I am ‘old enough’ as it were, to have heard and read some stories about Magellan Linden the past years and I knew there is this gridwide search for him since long after he disappeared. But that is about it. Could be because I am just not so much into hunts and quests and all that, but this morning I paid a visit to the 4 sims which are home to the Magellan Scavenger Hunt.
(Note: it is open to premium accounts only!)

Iceberg - I Iceberg - II

It is ice and snow, and in one of the mainbuildings on Crankshaft you will find all you need to know to start the hunt and its many quests. I did not play, sorry…but if you are into games like this and have some hours to spend, why not give it a try?
The sims look nice, bright and white, the buildings are  ‘vintage’, which is kind of cute and there is wildlife too: a new breed of Penguins, from the looks of it! When not doing a quest, it is a nice place to walk around and take pictures!

Iceberg - III Iceberg - IV

I did some research (OK, I googled…) and found the following links, for those interested in some background on Magellan Linden:

* Second Life Wikia on Magellan Linden
* Blogposts by Ciaran Laval on Magellan Linden
* Uccello Poultry’s report on Magellan Linden


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