Sunny Fields

Sunny Fields is, besides the mainstore of =TBM= where you can purchase planes and monorails,  an airport and open to all with rezzing enabled so you can try out your aircraft and feel all free like a bird. And stuff.

I have a thing for airports, maybe because I have had so many flights the past years and I live close by  Amsterdam Airport….plane-spotting just never bores me in both lives. Operating an aircraft is however not my thing…That’s okay, there is business class for that, right?

Sunny Fields is also very photogenic, with wide views and not so many buildings and subtle landscaping – giving it the feeling of space and air. Lovely! And since you can rezz, it is also nice if you wish to use poseballs or other props for a photoshoot on location!

Sunny Fields - I Sunny Fields - II Sunny Fields - III Sunny Fields - IV

Oh, yes..I admit..I tried it, once again. With my Lindy Plane. And this is why I shouldn’t:

Sunny Fields - V


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