Prehistorica – The Dawn Kingdoms

So. I browsed through the destination guide last night and Prehistorica – The Dawn Kingdoms caught my attention. I figured I was in the mood for some ‘Jurassic Park’!

The entry in the destination guide says this: ‘Journey back in time to the age when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Explore mist-shrouded jungles, smoldering volcanoes and the sunlit seas of a forgotten prehistoric world. Encounter its majestic and deadly denizens or become a dinosaur yourself and experience the Second Life you never imagined as a Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!’

All this is true, and I can only say….yeah, it is a prehistoric location and lovely made. What I realised only once I visited: the location is the mainstore of Prehistorica, which sells Dinosaur Avatars. And really well made ones, if I may add. So, when you are transformed into a Dinosaur of your choice, they provide a prehistoric place for you to enjoy and live life as that Dinosaur with …well other Dinosaurs.

Now, you do not need to be be Dinosaur to go there, visitors are welcome. And so I went to the ‘Mesozoic Era’ via the Time Machine, ready to experience life in between Dinosaurs!
Was I disappointed? Hmm…maybe a tiny bit, as the only Dinosaurs I spotted in this wonderful prehistoric environment turned out to be real avatars and they where dancing and chatting about random stuff, as it happens with avatars….but not quite what I was expecting. I think, to be honest, it would be awesome if there were some Dinosaurs on display, I would not even care if it was for commercial reasons only.

Nevertheless, it is well made, I love the look and feel of the Prehistorical part, and I was lucky to spot a T-rex (he was AFK…) wading in a pool of mud. The forests and trees have a great, almost cartoonish, look and the smoking volcanoes in the background, combined with the region windlight make it worth a visit and that is why I choose to blog about it anyway!

Prehistorica - I Prehistorica - II Prehistorica - III

And while I was preparing this blogpost…this awful song popped in my head, and felt like sharing it with you!

Boom Boom!!!!


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  1. Hi Caitlin! Thank you for your review of my sim.

    Your wish has certainly been granted as we now have a permanent cast of bots to add to the ambiance and the entire sim has been rebuilt with new explorable areas. Come visit any time!

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