Gates of Destiny

When browsing through Flickr and my list of blogs I follow this morning, some pictures and Lori Novo’s blogpost about Gates of Destiny caught my attention. I could not wait to log in and explore!

Gates of Destiny - I
Gates of Destiny - II

Gates of Destiny, as the land info says: you create your own destiny, may seem dark and rather empty at a first glance, but once you take the time to walk around you will discover lovely pieces of art allover the place. The region’s windlight was a bit too dark for my taste, so I played around with some other lights.

Gates of Destiny - III

It is well worth a visit, and if you go…do take the time to discover it all, it is wonderful – I could stay there all day taking pics…! Ooh, and if you go there and take pictures, make sure you add them to the Flick Group, if you are on Flickr!
Gates of Destiny - IV


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  1. love the sculptures! I need to make a note to stop by and wander, Thanks Cait!

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