So many topics to blog and so little time, life of a blogger can be soooooooo stressful! Just kidding of course, but for today’s blogpost I will combine two things.
Last Monday Berry posted a new meme, in which we are asked to have ourselves interviewed by someone and post the questions and answers. Since I could not really think of anyone to ask for this interview I decided to follow the idea of Shae and Xanthe on Tumblr and let people ask me anything about my SL via Tumblr, thus creating some sort of interview in press conference style!

The other topic is to show you some pictures I took when visiting The Isle of Mousai, a wonderful (fairly new and Adult) location, with wonderful landscaping and decoration. Very much worth a visit, as there is lots to explore while wandering around, and …do not forget to look up! I was particularly charmed by the steampunk-ish airships  hovering in the sky over the town!

Mousai - III

The first two sets of  questions are quite similar, so I will answer them in one go!

Zee asked: Nearly every avatar and their meeros blogs about fashion, and not enough blog about places. What sparked you to do it, and how do you find pretty places?
Strawberry asked: You take absolutely beautiful images of wonderful SL places. What inspired you to start travelling the grid and start up a blog about that?

First of all, thanks Berry for the nice compliment, I am glad you like my pictures!
Now getting to the point. Hm. I have to say I do love fashion in SL and love to dress up myself with latest trends and items. I follow quite some fashion-blogs, to be kept updated with all the newness and I even follow some blogs that only cover freebies – although I am seriously too lazy and too much of a snob to do lucky chairs and – letters for something new. I want, I buy. Now, my blog and why I do destinations mostly? From the moment I created an account in SL, in March 2007 – not Caity, but my first account – I have been intrigued by the amazing stuff other people made for all of us to enjoy. Initially I was very active on Avatars United, a platform I used for showing off pictures and outfits and keeping the Samurai community informed on what we did.
Then AU was bought by LL and after a while apparently incorporated into the SL Feeds or Profile Feeds as we know now. Around the time of AU, I was Clan Leader of a Samurai Clan and so I spent most of my online time with Katana-fighting. The hours left, I spent exploring and going places, when tired of living my SL in mouse-look and all primmed down (for fighting) and script-less. Basically, Caity-San, the Samurai, needed a 3rd Life to relax and that is how I at some point felt it would be nice to share my travels and all the places I visited. Occasionally I blog(ged) about an outfit I got, but always – and still do! – make pics of those on a location.
In 2011..I discovered Flickr and..zOMG,,fashion blogsI had NO idea ppl spend their SL about fashion? A whole new world opened for me. Yet, I still loved travelling around the grid, making nice pics . So it happenend that my blog is about exploring and destinations and art, with the occasional random, personal,  post.  By now, after all these years of blogging, I am really humbled by the amount of followers and comments/compliments I get – for just posting what I love and what I think is worthwhile visiting.
Fashion blogging, I LOVE it, but I am not the right person for it!

Mousai - II

Shae asked: What inspired your unique and gorgeous elven/demon look? What brought you to SL? Do you ever see FL people who instantly remind you of SL people?

Oh my! *blushes at the compliment!
I have always had a love for very pale, if not white! skins. I am not a role-player though but yet..I do love to dress up my avatar in mixed and matched or completely unreal looks. I mean….I have to dress up all business-like and all in RL every day, so I never felt the need to make Caity realistic looking.
She is my escape from RL. The elf-ears came up last year, during the amazing Fantasy Fair, which I enjoyed so I tried on some Elf Ears from Lemon Tea (basic ones) and loved them so much I never took them off. Till a few month back Mandala released their elf ears……I resisted, for a while, as everyone was wearing them and well…ok, I gave in. I resized them to less than half the default size and think they look good, I love the HUD and options for colouring and piercings.
My demon hands are the result of me being in a sad mood for a while and when taking some arty pics last year, for the heck and the mood of it, I purchased these hands by Death Row Designs – for some pictures only. Then, as with the ears, I never took them off…and they became a part of Caity and thus me.
I very rarely take my ears or hands off. When I am exploring for my blog, I always follow the rules of sims I visit, and most of the times it is not a problem. I took them off when visiting Berlin 1920, which makes sense as they have strict rules for one, and for two…seriously even *I*  get it that it is just plain stupid to walk around in a 1920 themed sim with elf ears and demon hands? For daily life, they stay on. At all times. And….it works :)

Mousai - I

What brought me to SL? Simple: a news item in 2007 with a link. I am not a gamer, I suck at games. I can only play Triple Town or Tetris….and SL is not a game, but a life, I tried it, I loved it, I stayed!

Mousai - IV

And last but not least.
Do I ever see RL ppl that remind me of SL? But! There is this video-clip from 1991, The Army of Lover s- Crucified, which was a BIG hit in the early ’90 here and this clip…..reminds me of SL in every single second of it. The textures, the clothing, the cage, the lola-tango’s and loud mouth, the hair, the movements, it has it all!


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  1. Shae Marquis says:

    Great post! And OMG – I am beyond addicted to Triple Town! Some people read to go to sleep – I do TT! I hate the ninjas so SO bad.

    1. IKR, the ninja’s..they can really ruin the fun!

  2. Zee is right, loads of fashion bloggers around and not enough travel bloggers. Yours is def one of my fav travel blogs. <3

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