After I ran into the name ‘Birdy‘ a couple of times this week,  on fashion feeds, tumblr and flickr, I got intrigued as I saw some really pretty pictures of the place and I had no idea! It turns out Birdy is the home of the mainstore of  ‘Birdy Skins’ (female and some male). Forgive me if I should have known, but this is me: the avatar who changes skin once per two years. Or three years…..Anyway, yes, I looked in the store and the skins look sweet.

Birdy - I

Now…what looks even sweeter, for the explorer in me: is the location! So lovely and..well, sweet! Wonderful, almost romantic, landscaping with wide views and not too much..stuff. Perfect to wander around and enjoy and for pretty pictures! This is why I love inworld shopping so much, mainstores with a classy decorum, obviously created with love and care and a place to enjoy for all!

Birdy - II

Birdy - III

The regions default Windlight is quite foggy and pink, even in the store it made my eyes hurt, but hey hooo: there is always the option to change and that is what I did for my pictures.


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  1. My camel is on back order –.– but I will catch up! Excellent shots! ♡

    1. Hah! That camel will come in handy soon….be prepared!

  2. Charlie Namiboo says:

    I found this sim a few months ago by accident … I immediately fell in love with it! I must say it is one of the best shop sims I have ever visited so far and it made me daydream a lot! Most definitely it is one of my all time fav sims!

    1. Hi Charlie! It is indeed ever so lovely, I had no idea!

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