Isla Okiddo

This afternoon when I logged in, I hoped to find some cool places to explore today – as I was in the mood for new places. To my surprise I found a notecard with an invitation sent by Liara ‘Kemicq’ Okiddo, inviting me to her sim Isla Okiddo (Adult rated), on which she has worked 6 months to turn it into a paradise and promised ‘an usual art expo at an usual exotic location’. Well, that was enough to swiftly teleport to Isla Okiddo for some serious exploring!

Isla  Okidoo- V

I was not disappointed. It is indeed an usual exotic location, with lush – rainforest like – foliage and elegantly landscaped and decorated. The landingpoint is in the ‘harbour arrivals’, where I immediately had to admire the beautiful ship.

Isla Okiddo - I

Isla Okiddo - II

Following the path (yes, you can fly, but this location is so gorgeous to walk!) you will find signs that direct you to where you want to go. I opted for the Expodome, as this was the art expo I wanted to see.

Isla Okiddo- III

There is no region windlight or preferred windlight, as the sign said it is up to you to make it look as you will, it is however recommended to visit the expo in full or high graphics with Advanced Light on and particles enabled – as part of the expo makes use of particles. The route to the exposition is partially underwater and once you emerge again you will find yourself surrounded by the works – all photographs made by SL Photographers and I even recognized some names from Flickr :). I am usually not so much a fan of pictorial expositions, for some reason I prefer to enjoy beautiful photos of SL on Flickr or any other site where I can enlarge them on my screen, inworld displays never really attract me. But …..this expo is indeed unusual as the images are not displayed in a traditional way, but placed on rotating spheres and on the paths :).

Isla Okidoo

It is lovely and I recommend a visit, and even if you are not into art expo’s…then the rest of this sim offers enough to wander about and explore!


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