A goodbye to Dryland

Sometimes I seem to completely miss pictures on Flickr, of people I follow. I have no idea how that happens! It is why I only saw this morning this picture by Anita Witt, announcing the closing down of her beloved sim “Dryland“.

I have, over the years, visited Dryland quite often as it is a perfect place for pictures and enjoying the peace and quiet of a..well…dry land. One of my images I took there even got selected as a Pic of the Day in August 2013!
A Goodbye to Dryland - I

I have fond memories of Dryland, and so have many, many others. The closing of a sim is always a bit sad, but in some cases inevitable and I understand Anita’s motivation to let go of her place. I would like to thank Anita for sharing this wonderful land with all of us, for so long, it was generous and kind and has brought so much joy to so many people! Big hugs and muah!

A Goodbye to Dryland - II

Dryland will close its doors somewhere in March, so you still have time to visit the art gallery and its surroundings! And if you go there and take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Dryland Flickr Group!

A Goodbye to Dryland - III

5 Comments Add yours

  1. tessagrace51 says:

    This is sad :( I love dryland

  2. Eddi Haskell says:

    I loved Dryland too. Wouldn’t if be nice if Second Life could move to a Kitely-type model and allow those of us who miss a place to pay a fee to be able to visit the last incarnation of it? Whatever the case I will go back for one last session of photographs.

  3. Anita Witt says:

    Thank you for this nice blogpost Caitlin :)

    1. Thank YOU Anita, for sharing this wonderful place with all of us! <3

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