New season!

Spring is my favourite season of all, despite being an Autumn-child. I just love that the trees will be getting green leaves soon and I get all excited to see tulips and daphodils allover the place here :).

I haven’t had the most brilliant start of this spring though, due to a stupid back injury (I must have overestimated myself during fitness) I have been lying flat on my back most of the past week, in order to give the muscles the rest that was ordered by the doctor. Meh, how boring!

Shhh.....I can hear Spring coming....

It is getting a bit better, and I cheered myself up a bit by getting some of Vita Boudoir’s extravagant outfits with lots of flowers to play around with for pictures! Exploring is on my agenda for soon though!
Nose landing

Sittin' pretty

And with happy spring pictures, a happy song came to mind – totally unrelated and random, but enjoy anyway!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. boudiccaamat says:

    I hope you’re back on your exploring feet soon. x

    1. Thank you Boudicca , I am feeling much better already :)

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