A few days ago I received a notice from Jac Mornington and Romy Rosea that they have sold and handed over their lovely sim Baja Norte to Lauren Bentham, who will continue this wonderful beach for all to enjoy (you may want to join the new group for Baja Norte if you want rezz rights). In this notice Jac also announced a new sim he and Romy made and today I got the change to have a look on Santaurio as it opened this week!

Santaurio is a place with lots to explore and discover and the adventure starts on the landingpoint: in a plane wreck which lies half in the water near the beach, after that: into the jungle you go! A bit like in the series ‘Lost’ (of which I only ever saw 4 episodes and then I got lost, but okay!).

Santaurio - I

Santaurio - II

For now Santaurio is open to all to have a look, in a few days – a week – you will need to join the group for access (LS300), as I read in Ziki’s blogpost (who I ran into on the beach and who has spoken to Jac and Romy, she provides more background information, so you may want to read her article!).

Santaurio - III

Santaurio - IV




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