Flat Ebbe visits The Trace

Why yes, I took Ebbe Linden to The Trace!
Well, not the ‘real’ Ebbe, but Flat Ebbe – made by Strawberry for the Monday Meme. He is available for free on the Marketplace and as the meme goes: take Flat Ebbe to a favourite spot for a picture and let him know 3 things you feel he needs to know or what you want to ask him.

I choose to go to The Trace, as it is one of my favourite places for pictures and now I hope the real Ebbe will go visit it as well :).
Ebbe and me visiting The Trace - I

My three comments to Ebbe, while strolling around in the woods:

* Please bring back the SL Mentor Program! It used to be a great way for new residents to get to learn their way around SL, after landing for the first time one is filled with confusing and SL is just not easy to figure out all by one-selves. There are lots and lots of residents with experience who will  love to guide, help out and be a mentor for new residents and I am sure it will help people staying in SL, rather than one or two times trying it out and never log back in. It is still a shame the program stopped a few years ago.

* Communication to and with the residents…While I am aware you do not need to share all the companies secrets, it would be nice to have some more communication on the official sites to keep us informed. While I am happy to see messages on twitter, not everyone is on Twitter and so a lot of information never reaches the larger audience. Also, the official Forums are a mess. I, for one stopped using it, out of sheer frustration that all you see when you log in is endless pages of spammers. I checked this last night, to make sure and yeah: spam, spam, spam. The official Forum is a perfect place for communication with residents, as it doesn’t need an account on twitter/Facebook and Plurk but it is already available via everyones dashboard. It’s Linden Lab branded, it belongs to a part of our accounts so…please fix it and use it?

* Inworld involvement by Linden Employees, and then I do not mean they need to roam around the grid all the time and hang out and chat constantly with everyone, but I would love to see Linden Lab being actually and really involved in projects like the SL Birthday Celebrations and the inworld meetings with usergroups for feedback were also a good one and very much appreciated.



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  1. A match made in heaven! ;)

  2. Candice Mendle says:

    Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.

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