A few months ago, in December and January,  I did some posts on photobombers and how sooooooo hard the life of an SL Photographer can be, when one is all set and ready and tataaaa: someone runs into your view and in some cases, stays there.

The past week, the strangest photobombing followed me around, actually it was scary. I did not see it happening inworld, but after some photoshoots for the serious Art (yes, with Capital A) I was creating – with the wonderful participation of friends, I saw an awful Zombie appearing on all my pics! Apparently my ‘models’ had no clue either, since they stayed calm on the poseballs as instructed and never mentioned a sighting…

It took me hours and hours editing and processing the pictures, to make them look good – and I have had some nightmares about said Zombie. I kept a few examples, which turns out to be a good thing because this weeks Monday Meme from Berry is all about Photobombing. I thought, me being Zombie-bombed, fits right in!

Look at it, this is me posing with Ima Rang (the no-zombie version here):

Zombie-bombed - I

And this is what I saw after doing a lovely shoot with Derek Torvalar (the no-zombie version here):

Zombie-bombed - II

Last but not least, I am so glad Don Mill never saw this …(the no-zombie version here):

Zombie-bombed - III


* Credit: The Zombie is one of the new mesh starter avatar and you can find him, with the other 23 new ones, in your Library > Clothes > Initial outfits, or via the Avatar button in the viewer.




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  1. OMG these are so hilarious! LOLOL!

  2. Ima Rang says:

    Hahahaha! Too damn funny!

  3. zeesl says:


  4. Lol, I love the posts! Super legit. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  5. Thanks all, glad it made you laugh :)

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