Ghosts of the Internet

It does not happen often that I have to leave Second Life and enter a different virtual world, in order to complete a  blogpost on an art installation, but “Ghosts of the Internet” by Glyph Graves made me do it!

Ghosts of the Internet is located on the LEA21 sim in Second Life as well as on an identical place/sim  in Inworldz (Direct Landmark to Ghosts of the Internet in Inworldz here), and the ‘art’ is: you can, as a SL resident go to this installation and then chat, in local chat only, with a resident of Inworldz.

Ghosts of the Internet - I

Sounds complicated? It is, for the user, not so difficult. Well, as long as there are residents on both sims AND in both worlds at the same time that is!
In my case, I was dying to try this out, I stood waiting in SL for quite a bit and..nobody showed up in Inworldz.

Eventually, as I was really curious on how all this would look and work, I took a step and created a new account for Inworldz (I once had one, years ago, but lost my login details and could not care less to get it all back), which and logged in. To talk to myself. Well, mainly to just see it from both sides and take pics for this blogpost – since I can talk to myself anyway!

Not sure if there were temporary buggy circumstances, but I did not manage to have a chat conversation, then again..SL wasn’t at its best yesterday and maybe the maintenance and disabling of logins a few hours later explained my problems.

Anyway, this is how I saw Inworldz-Alt, when I stood in Second Life:

Ghosts of the Internet - IV

This is me, obviously, as seen by my Alt who was in Inworldz:

Ghosts of the Internet - III

If you are not into chatting with residents from other worlds, you can alternatively try it out and use another sim in Secondlife :  Coppelia,  to get the experience, as it uses the same technique.
Ghosts of the Internet - II




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  1. Now THATS a lot of science fiction for me! love it thought! <3

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