The closure of Mad City

Mad City, home of MadPea Productions, startpoint of so many awesome hunts – which I enjoyed so much, in fact…they were the only ‘hunts’ I did in SL , just because of their storylines and not even for the goodies –  is closing per 31th May.

The Closure of Mad City - I

The reason makes sense, as QueenPea and CEO/founder of MadPea Productions, Kiana Writer has explained on the official blog: they need to focus their time, energy and money on a new game that they are currently producing, Unia, and so..they had to decide to let go of Mad City.

The Closure of Mad City - II

Sad? Yeah..I feel a bit sad to see a sim go that I – and soooo many others! – enjoyed so much. But on the bright side, I am really looking forward to Unia – as it promises to be something so cool and new to Second life! And, to be honest, I am sure it will be awesome: after all it is a MadPea production!

If you have never been to Mad can still go and visit this week, currently they have an Art Cacha Festival going on, and you can still visit the infamous Hotel The Silent Peacock, opposite of which you will find the MadPea Store where you can purchase MadPea products. Souvenirs anyone?

The Closure of Mad City - III

I hope you will join me in wishing Kiana and her MadPea team all the best and good luck with Unia and thank them for the wonderful hunts, the cool sim, wonderful charity events and all the neat things they created for everyone to enjoy!

You can keep an eye on the progress of Unia on facebook, and of course the MadPea Productions blog.

The Closure of Mad City - IV

Oh, and here two teasers of Unia…are you ready?






4 Comments Add yours

  1. DJ Frenzy says:

    So sad to see it that place

  2. Cyn Surly says:

    This was the first place in really visited in SL and the mine hunt my first hunt. Sorry to see it go but excited about Unia!

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