The Green Mire

A week after the dramatic flooding and closure of Mad City, MadPea Productions has opened their new location to the public: The Green Mire.

In this dark and humid swamp, you will not only find the MadPea Mainstore but…as almost expected from MadPea: A mystery!

As said in the information: ‘Ten years ago, Tony Lamil and Skip Dares went missing at the Green Mire swamp. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the location and/or safe return of the boys. Join the quest and explore this sim for free goodies and more. ‘

The Green Mire - I
MadPea Mainstore


The Green Mire - II

The Green Mire is really gorgeously landscaped and decorated, so even if you are not into solving the mystery, it is certainly worth a visit! It is however a homested-region, meaning with 20 avatars it is full, and since they are mentioned in the Destination Guide – it can be quite busy (It took me 2 days to get in….).
The Green Mire - III

The Green Mire - IV
It’s Kiana ‘Queen Pea’ Writer, on her 7th Rezday!

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