Destination Unknown

Do you know that feeling of just..wanting to run away? Escape? Pack one bag and just leave everything behind, without knowing where you will go?
I have that sometimes. For all kind of practicalities, and me being a coward as well, I have never gotten to do this in real life. But then..there is Second Life. Which I, like so many, use as my escape. And yet, sometimes..I even want to escape IN Second Life. If that makes sense.

So, over a year ago I bought this beautiful sailingboat, the Loonetta 31. A gorgeous, mesh, boat with all kind of lovely details and options and I had big, romantic even, plans with her. Alas, life happened. Shit happened. Good things happened and the lovely Loonetta sat in my inventory for months…well, over a year, collecting dust, being unloved.

This afternoon I had one of those urges to get away.
I went to the Blake Sea and rezzed Loonetta. I was stunned again by her beauty and felt guilty of having neglected her for so long. But she didn’t seem to mind :).
Destination Unknown

I had forgotten how wonderfully relaxing it is to sail in Second Life. I am not a good sailor, I struggle a lot with the controls and wind – but I cant even drive a car on the Linden Roads, so this has nothing to do with the boat – but that’s fine with me.
Destination Unknown - IV - Finding my new route

I don’t know where to go, so I decided to just enjoy some sun, wind and wine…and just relaxed. I will find a new route and maybe a new destination soon, but for now…nothing, just…nothing.

Destination Unknown - V - On Autopilot


(You can find a lot of places to sail in SL, there is even a dedicated section in the Destination Guide)



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  1. owldragonash says:

    It is funny to think sometimes we want to escape from our escape …though i know that feeling. Looks like your doing it in style!

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