Of nice things and lovely clouds on Intro

Sometimes things have to fall apart, before it gets better, right?
The other week I blogged about a series of issues that haunted me in SL. One of the things was my broken profile. I could not change anything, no picks or profile picture, I could not see my feed or even my groups. Annoying!
I submitted a ticket and hoped for the best!

Well, of all the complaints I often read on forums, facebook, plurk and twitter about tickets being either not handled or not handled properly, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how mine was dealt with.
After some emailing back and forth with a Scout, the case was handed over to TJ Linden who kept me updated and at some point asked my permission to log in with Caity to see what was going on. This took about a week and this morning I got some emails from TJ saying it should be fixed. And it is! Woooohooooo!


Also, another nice thing: one of my pictures was selected as Pic of The Day! Yes, I know I’ve had it before, but it still makes me happy and proud!

Pic of the day elephant 20aug2014

In between RL things – I have a lot of stuff going on, all exciting and cool – I visited Intro. A gorgeous dreamy and white sim, filled with clouds and trees made of clouds. A perfect place to go to escape reality for a while. It is also the home of the following shops, so it is a great inworld shopping experience the MP cannot beat: B.C.C/ *(OO)*YUKI/ur.favorite.one/VCO/Howl.
Intro - I

Intro - II

Intro - III


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