La Reserva @ Commune Utopia

It is not easy in October, to find places that are not filled with pumpkins, scare-crows, cornfields, haunted mansions and zombies…Halloween eh. Not my thing and although some sims are really nicely decorated and cater to a lot of the Halloween-lovers, I still cannot get myself to visit them longer than 2 mins. That’s okay, you don’t have to love everything there is!

This morning I was going through some favourite blogs and landed on Owl Dragonash’ blogpost about La Reserva, a Tropical Rainforest Grove on the Commune Utopia sim. It caught my attention and interest and so I went to have a look.

La Reserva @ Commune Utopia, created by Seductive Dreamscape, is a small sanctuary built to inform, educate and raise awareness about the Real Life ‘La Reserva Forest Foundation‘, who works on restoring tropical rainforests in Costa Rica.
Owl has written some more on the background and included some links, and gorgeous pics, so instead of typing the same…I’d say: here is Owl’s blogpost :).
La Reserva @ Commune Utopia - III
La Reserva @ Commune Utopia - II

I like intitiatives like this, I have been in a real rainforest/jungle once (Borneo) and have seen what huge – in this case – palm oil plantations do to nature. Destroying it. I am not going to write a post on how awful this is and point fingers…I do support charities who help restoring nature in a sensible, sustainable way.

La Reserva @ Commune Utopia - I

Now…La Reserva, the small grove in Commune Utopia is just a lovely destination! Worth a visit, it is not huge, you won’t need hours…just enjoy it :)

If, however, you wish to do more than just enjoy….there is a donation board, and for every 4000 LS, a new (real life!) tree will be planted in Costa Rica!

Sedileaf (Seductive Dreamscape) just showed me this awesome youtube, on those trees funded via SL!



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  1. owldragonash says:

    Right on Caitlin so glad you went to see : ) And you visited my Home away from home in sl Commune utopia ! Ty for linking to my blog. : ))

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