Fateful Gardens

Sunday mornings are always my favourites for exploring, although today I was a bit lazy and got out of bed closer to noon than morning..ahem!
I visited Fateful Gardens (Adult-rated and also the home of the Voyeur Dreams Lounge ),  which has as description in their land information:

‘…remains of a doomed civilization, once brimming with life, now inhospitable wasteland, polluted and radioactive, war-torn cities, survivors undermined by disease and hunger. ‘

Fateful Gardens - I

And indeed, it is a wasteland-like city, filled with trash and collapsed buildings – some of them actually drop bricks and pieces of wall on your head, so be careful when walking around!

Fateful Gardens - III

Great for exploring and photography – I used a lighter windlightsetting than the region uses, as to show it a bit better..but when exploring the region windlight adds to the atmosphere!

Fateful Gardens - II

I say: a must visit!



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  1. Peppermint Patty says:

    I’ll have to visit it wearing Long Range Patrol gear… that thing with fuel drums on its rear dead looks like the offspring of a liaison between a T-64 and a Stridsvagen…

  2. that first photo especially is beckoning!!

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