In real life I am a huge fan of the tv series Bones. I know, maybe silly..but hey hoo, it is lovely to just hang on sofa and watch all that amazing forensic work (lol) and every week I hope Bones and Booth will kiss. They never do. Well not in the seasons we have playing here currently, so maybe in future…

This post isn’t about Bones as in the series though, but about the Halloween 2014 gift for Premium Accounts!
I was surprised to see the announcement – a few days later after the release – and of course I ran off to one of the sandboxes to get my gift, being all curious!

I didn’t get disappointed, in the folder was, besides a whole selection of pumpkins and whatnot also a Skeleton Mesh Avatar! Something to play with, always nice, even for a non-Halloween girl like me..give me an avatar and I will use it!
I feel pretty, oh so pretty!!

The Skeleton comes with a simple HUD to hide and/or show the optional ‘guts’ and eyes, I left them on hide…a skeleton has no guts! Tsk!


Five minutes delay they said...

You can find all destinations to pick up the Halloween 2014 gift here (Premium Accounts only).



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