Whispering Winds

This is one of those blogposts I had to pospone over and over again, due to my pictures not being good enough to my liking because of the continuous blurring of textures.  But, I think, by now this seems less of an issue (it happened last night but not today..!) so I finally took some decent pictures of a lovely location: Whispering Winds.
Whispering Winds is part of the Marathon Caye estate and filled with wonderful spots and secluded areas to explore or spend time with friends or a date, couple dances are available.

whispering winds - I

There is a lot to see, perhaps that made the texture blurring worse or at least serious annoying, but I’ve had that in other sims too so I am not blaming Whispering Winds! Hey, they have a windmill, so that is always a win!

whispering winds - IV

You can take a boatride, dance, cuddle, wander along and enjoy the many different spots! It is certainly a great destination to have fun with friends, although I enjoyed it all by myself as well :)


whispering winds - II


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  1. Eddi Haskell says:

    Thanks Caitlin a new place for me to check out and photograph for my blog! Much obliged, and your photography is wonderful as usual.

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