Last night, way past my bedtime…, I followed Ziki Questi’s trail to Borderlines – after reading her blog and seeing her fabulous photo’s on Flickr.
(for detailed information and background I suggest you read Ziki’s article on Borderlines!)

So. Borderlines!
On a LEA sim and created by Lemonodo Oh, it is a wonderful coastline, quiet and empty..just a rocky coast with water. But so gorgeously textured and not your average SL-beach, it is representing a coastline in California. I have never been there, but seeing the RL pictures you will find it sure seems a legit replica!
Borderlines - II

It is typical a location of : less is more. There are no buildings, just the magnificent coast with a wonderful view – excellent for photography! I even dug up my poor horse from inventory as I felt it was a place to ride my her in all peace and quiet, while enjoying the sunset!
Borderlines - I
Borderlines - III


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