I felt like dancing…

..and I needed some nice music to listen to, as I wasn’t really in the mood for exploring (despite having a list of locations to check out!).

I decided to go over to GOL 9th, probably one of the most popular clubs in SL when it comes to house, trance, hip hop etc. Always crowded, although most of the club-goers stand at the side, watching the dance-floor. And each other I assume! Anyway, so I danced and enjoyed the music and while I was at it I checked their website (music alert, turn off headset before you click!), because last week on their official Facebook Page the owner of GOL announced the final closure of the the club and said she was going to focus on building and designing. Yesterday a last status update even said the club would close at 10PM SLT….
But, that deadline has passed…the club  is still there and I could not find any updates on a short term closure, in fact I got happily invited to their group by the Hostess, and on the Facebook page the DJ’s are still announced.

I guess we will have to wait and see, so do not shoot me if the club is suddenly gone!

GOL - Entrance

After checking all this, I zoomed around to see the environment and was pleasantly surprised about the view. Not much landscaping/decoration, I think they need all sim resources for the club, but nevertheless a great opportunity to take some pictures of the impressive club-building and play with windlights.
@ GOL - Exterior
@ GOL - Exterior too

What I am wearing on the first photo?
A jacket by Erratic and pants by Redgrave, both available at Uber


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