BURIED – A new MadPea Adventure

Tomorrow, 1 february, a brand new grid-wide hunt/adventure produced by MadPea will start and from what I have seen of it, it will be more than awesome. Then…MadPea has never disappointed me, their adventure hunts are always awesome and if not for the prices, then at least it is super fun to do it for the story!


‘A popular writer is missing after researching into new kind of geocaching, and her loving husband is offering a half a million dollar reward for the first one to find her!
Will you be the one? ‘
Do you dare to discover the roots behind this thrilling story, that will keep you glued to your seat for hours!’

BURIED - A new MadPea adventure - II

BURIED, is the name of this new game, and I had the privilege to have a preview on the MadPea sim yesterday, alas..due to technical issues (my ISP hated me last night….) I was unable to attend the explanation and tour by Kiana, so I went back this morning to take pictures!

BURIED - A new MadPea adventure - III

It will be a hunt/adventure which requires you to purchase a HUD (looks like a cool iPad), but as I missed the tour I do not know the price yet, will update that later too! (messy blogger is messy…)

BURIED - A new MadPea adventure - IIV

MadPea released a trailer on youtube, which gives a pretty scary idea of what is to come…:



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