Dream catcher

After spending my days with decorating my home, today I was in the mood for participating in Strawberry’s Monday Meme, which is very cool this week: ‘Transform your avatar completely so that even your friends wouldn’t recognize you.‘  (You will find Berry’s meme here and don’t forget to check out the other participants in the comments!)

Well. Was that difficult? Hmm…no, but a challenge for sure, as I do switch looks a lot (elf, robot, fairy, clubber, ballroom etc) yet, indeed my avatar is always recognizable for my friends, so this challenge wasn’t about just an outfit but something completely different.

I let go of my white/pale skin (zOMG), detached my elf ears (ouch!) and even….yes….changed shape!

So here is me. Yes, it is me. Really!
Dream catcher - Avatar Transformation Challenge

Fun for a picture, and I actually kind of like this look, but I do not see myself changing permanently into this look, I am too attached to pale ol’ me.


* Skin : DeeTalez ‘Deedra’ Brows1
* Lipstick and eyeshadow: DeeTalez (they came in the package with Deedra skin and are tintable)
* Eyelashes: BB Mesh Starstruck
* Eyes: Dead Apples Saturated Green
* Shape: an old freebie I ruined for this picture
* Hair: booN UDE609 in Brown
* Earrings: Dream Catcher by Cae


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  1. girlforgetful says:

    Nice! Did you get the Bokeh effect from PS or is there a windlight for that? I love Bokeh. I was thinking of going totally non-human to participate in this, but I suppose that might be straying from the intent. Could be fun, though.

    1. Hi Girlforgetful, thanks! It is a fun challenge!
      The bokeh is an effect I’ve put in afterwards, sadly enough there is no bokeh in SL :(.

  2. Although, in SL this is really not much of a challenge at all. Oh well.

    1. For some it may not be a challenge, for instance those who change skin and shape every day – or even more than once a day.
      For me however, and I am surely not alone, it is challenging. I am very attached to my regular looks, which all contain – no matter how different – certain elements that are a given, like in my case my shape, ears and pale skins.
      But I get it, surely for some it is daily business to change drastically :)

      1. What I simply meant was that all one needs to do is spend a dollar or two on a new avatar and voila, it is done, not considering any psychological issues. :-) Now if this challenge was made for RL…. that Would be a real challenge for anyone. Anyway, I don’t wish to make light of a fun challenge for many. Mouth zipped now.

        1. Beth Macbain says:

          I think there is a psychological issue in SL, too. I did this challenge but found it very uncomfortable and changed my look back as quickly as I could. I’m *very* comfortable in my skin, perhaps even more so in SL than in RL, which has psychological implications all on its own… lol!

          1. Hi Beth! I saw your challenge on your blog…OMG! Brave :). And yeah, I know the feeling; I changed back to my old self as soon as I got the pic and credits..haha!

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