Pandora Box of Dreams

Pandora Box of Dreams is a great, Japanese styled, location which welcomes bloggers and photographers and all who want to enjoy a dreamy experience. The place has several gorgeous spots and lots of water (I always like that a lot!) and if you want to rezz your own props for pictures, all you have to do is join their group – for just 50LS! – via the group joiner which you will find when you enter the sim via the large bed (teleporter) at the landingpoint.
Pandora - I
Pandora - II

According to the notecard, the ‘dreams’ will change every 2-3 months, making it a location to come back to ever so often, the current Dream is: 001 Dreams of Sakura.

Visitors, called Dreamers, are asked to abide to the (very reasonable) house rules, nothing strange and easy to do and you can add your pictured in the Flickr Group!
Pandora - III




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