Sparkys - I

Sparkys is a wonderful, black and white/greyish, art installation on MetaLes by Romy Nayar, telling the story of a world without colour. Luckily a scientist found out how to produce colours, by collecting them from the ‘Sparkys’ ( a bee-like creature, living in a black forest) and so the residents of this world are busy colouring the world!

Sparkys - II

You move around in this world by hopping on a train or in a balloon or pod, they come and go regularly on which you can just sit and travel to the next level, in this city on poles. It’s a fun destination to explore and it is even interactive, once you have found the lady that hands out paint  you can colour too (it’s rezzable paint, so you need to join the group) – I wanted to colour, but when I visited it was a bit busy, so I will surely go back and try again!
Sparkys - III
Sparkys - IV


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  1. impulsivespirit (aka Dawn) says:

    This looks so cute. I have to check it out :)

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