The Trace (Too)

First of all, I am more than delighted Kylie Jaxxon has returned to Second Life, and second….she made a new The Trace!

The Trace (Too) is everything I expected from it, it has the real Kylie-signature allover it, yes…it is no secret I admire her taste and landscaping/decoration skills, I have blogged often about the previous ‘traces’ when the seasons changed.

The Trace Too will for sure be a popular destination for photographers, bloggers (you can rezz your props)  and anyone who enjoys a well made place. Currently it is summer at The Trace Too, so a nice change from winter and snow.
The Trace Too - I

Put on your bikini, swimshorts and get the sunscreen and hop over, you will love it!

The Trace Too - II

And…welcome back Kylie, muahs!
The Trace Too - III


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