Calypso Dream [where hope and dreams collide]

Today, in between mundane things as finally getting my winter tyres replaced for my summer alloy wheels on my car and window- and bathroom cleaning, I felt like exploring in Second Life.
When browsing through the Destination Guide, looking for new places, I ran into Calypso Dream.

Calypso Dream - III

A lovely island with some beaches and forests, a river and a lighthouse, perfect for some wandering about and enjoying the view.
Calypso Dream, with tagline [where hope and dreams collide]  is the private home of Manis (manis.lane) which she has opened for the public to explore.
I have stayed away from her home, which is easy as there is much to see and because of the wideviews it is a wonderful place for Second Life photography and experimenting with several windlights!
Calypso Dream- II

Perfect for relaxing, hanging out and photoshoots, I recommend a visit and if you have taken pictures, you are encouraged to add them in the Calypso Dream group on Flickr – and while you are at it: like their page on Facebook.


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  1. owldragonash says:

    I really like the new look your trying out for your blog. It pops and has a flow to it that is fresh and easy to follow. It also highlights your photos really well.

    1. Thanks Owl, for the nice compliment :) am glad you like it!

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