Breaking: Basilique chosen for next Linden Lab Inworld Meetup – May 14, 1PM

Now how cool is this! And so well deserved, I think it is great that Becky and her Basilique get this attention!

Canary Beck

Basilique The latest breathtaking photo of Basilique, by Caitlin Tobias

Xiola Linden just announced that the next Linden Lab inworld meetup between Linden Lab and Second Life residents will be held at Basilique at 1PM SLT Thursday, May 14th, 2015. Here is the SLurl to Basilique. Please arrive early because you know it will be packed to the rafters.

I couldn’t be more pleased and am grateful to Linden Lab, and specifically Xiola – who has visited us at Basilique before – for choosing Basilique among so many very suitable and lovely Second Life regions for this event. As far as I know there have only been two other inworld meetups this year, which have both been at Meauxle Bureaux, home of the Second Life Moles.

Thanks to Caity Tobias, ZaraSuto and DatBlackKitty for supporting the choice of Basilique on the forum where Xiola asked for suggestions, and to Ciaran Laval, who’s…

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